20 Puzzling Y Tho Memes


There’s a lot of puzzling and unfair things in the world. And in the meme world, the best way to ask “why though” is with a painting of a rotund pope in a mustard-yellow robe asking “y tho”?

We’re not sure whether it’s the weirdly small face, the garish yellow robes, or the weird spelling but it just puts you in that right proper headspace. Why though?

Oh shoot. Gotta work soon and stop surfing for memes. Y tho?

Food Goes In Tasty

People Always Tell Me I Look Like

When A Company Announces DLC

When I Have To Do School Work

When I Try To Be A Good Person

When Mom Keeps Throwing Cheese On Your Face

When Someone Trickshots You

When The 8-Second Youtube Video

When Restaurants Put Calories 

When You Ask Your Boss If You Can Go

When Your $5 Footlong Comes Out

When You’re Signing Up For A Free Trial

When Your Fam Don’t Refill The Toilet Paper

When Your Mom Says You Can’t

When Your Post Is Taken Down

When Your Teacher Won’t Round Your 39%

When You’ve Been Dieting For 3 Hours

When You’ve Been Working Hard For 1 Hr

When You Want A Nice Car

Why Are You Still Single?

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