20 Funny X-Files Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

One X files meme can make you believe… and remember.

Remember the 90’s science fiction series The X-Files? It centered on the most popular conspiracy theory: Aliens do exist. To all the X-Files fans out there, let’s go for a trip back to memory lane with this collection of X-Files memes that will surely make you laugh at Scully’s shoulder pads and remember that once in your life you believed that the “Truth is out there.”

Aliens Arent Real Mulder

Dana Scully Hates You

Hello Are You A UFO

Hey Scully

I Used To Be The Key Figure In A Vast Intergalactic Conspiracy 

I Want To Believe

I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens

I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens

New Xfiles Got Me Like

It’s A Conspiracy¬†

Oh My God

Scully I Think We Caught A Case

So You’re Telling Me

The Internet Is Not Good For You

Trump Announces

Wants To Believe But Wants Proof

Watched All X-Files Episodes 

Witnesses Paranormal Event In One Episode

X Files Theme Plays In The Distance

X-Files Is The Best Documentary

Don’t forget to pick your favorite X files meme and share it with your fellow fans.

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