18 Hilarious Wrong Memes


In life, you can’t always be right. Ever embarrassed yourself in school after confidently raising your hand to a question? How about being on the wrong side of a heated argument? Sometimes, you get things wrong, and that’s alright! No human on this planet is perfect. However, being wrong definitely does still suck when it happens, especially on stuff you probably shouldn’t have been wrong in.

Although sometimes, being wrong can also be extremely hilarious. The memes we’ve gathered below are proof of that. Curious? Go on and take a look! We’ve gathered a ton of great ones for you below.

When People Said

wrong 2020 memes

When Your Friend Gave You An Answer

wrong answer memes

When You Get All Heated Up In An Argument

wrong argument memes

Me Diving Into An Argument

wrong diving into an argument memes

Me When Anything Goes Even Slightly Wrong

wrong everything memes

Trying To Convince Your GF She’s Wrong

wrong gf memes

Guess What He Did Wrong

wrong guess memes

A Couple Of Weeks Of Isolation With The Family

wrong isolation memes

The Number Of People Using The Wrong Meme

wrong memes baby


wrong memes earplugs

Not Sure If Using The Right Meme Or Not

wrong memes morpheus

People Always Misunderstand Me

wrong memes yoda

My Mom

wrong mom clean memes

I Thought I Could Do The Test Without Studying

wrong never memes

Wrong Number

wrong number memes

When The Teacher Looks At Your Paper

wrong teacher memes

Yo Dawg

wrong using memes

Tag That Friend

wrong tag that friend everything memes