20 Heart-Dropping World War 3 Memes


Imagine starting the new year with World War 3 trending on Twitter or your other social media. It’s enough to give anybody anxiety. Thankfully, clicking on the trending hashtag only showed a lot of funny memes instead of real-world news of impending disaster.

Did you know though that World War 3 also trended in 2017 when relations were strained between the US and Russia because of the Khan Shaykhun bombing?

Check out what the Internet has been buzzing about in January 2020.

People Raiding Area 51

world war 3 area 51 meme

Me Watching All The WWIII Memes

world war 3 canada meme

They Can’t Draft Me 

world war 3 cant draft me meme

WWIII Will Destroy The Peaceful Lives Of Thousands

world war 3 cod meme

When US And German Soldiers Will Be Fighting

world war 3 crossover meme

When You Get That #WWIII Draft Letter

world war 3 draft letter meme

Will WW3 Effect Elder Scrolls 6 Release

world war 3 elder scrolls 6 release meme

When You Realize That #WWIII Is The First Meme Of 2020

world war 3 first and last meme

French People Preparing For WW3

world war 3 french people meme

Loses Their Crap About WW3

world war 3 heated dispute meme

When Trump Said Hillary Would Start World War 3

world war 3 hillary meme

Japan Telling Iran Not To Start World War 3

world war 3 japan meme

When U Laughing At World War 3 Memes 

world war 3 missiles meme

When The US Gets A New Friend

world war 3 new friend meme

When You Walk Into Your Sons Room In 2065

world war 3 ps7 meme

Hey Siri

world war 3 siri meme

World War 3 Is Trending

world war 3 study meme

Switzerland During Any World War

world war 3 switzerland meme

World War 3 Starts

world war 3 switzerland probably meme

2020 Is Gonna Be My Year

world war 3 trending meme

Hopefully, that’s the worst we get – World War 3 memes.