Without you, days are like: sadday, moanday, tearsday, wasteday, thirstday, frightday, shatterday



  • omid

    The amount I love you is out of this world. No one in this whole universe could tell you how much I love you. When I am with you my emotions go crazy. Sitting in my bed those hours at a time are the best times of my life and i will let no one mess them up. Every day i spend with you is the best day of my life. Nothing in this whole wide world could make my days being with you any better. I also think that you are the most amazing person, the way your eyes look at me before we kiss are the best things I ever look at, your smile after i make you laugh brightens up my day, and than there is the love you give me, makes me the happiest guy alive. To be with you is all i want, and i would give anything to be with you forever. The love we got is the greatest you can ever get. Nothing will be able to ruin this love, because our love is to strong to be ruined.

  • omid

    Lol lol lol! I’m kidding I don’t wanna marry someone because I have my own girlfriend and I love her so so so much her name is SHAB! And without her I can kill myself. I Wrote the above comments for the sake of my cousin. My cousin wants to marry a states girl and he told me to help him. So I wrote the above comments for him not for myself. My cousin is good looking and he is handsome so if any girl from states wanna marrgt him then tell me i will his contact number and his Facebook too! Ahead is your choice.