25 Wise Confucius Memes for a Rollercoaster of Pun


Every now and then, we seek the wisdom of others to help us decide, or recognize the right path, if you want to be dramatic about it. Those with experiences seem to know how to get around life’s conundrums. We listen to what they have to say hoping we’ll get the inspiration and encouragement we need. It doesn’t matter how clever one is, we all need advice to help us see things more clearly.

Well, if you’re looking for that – sage advice – you won’t find it here. But if you’re looking for pretentious, tasteless life advices and lessons with hysterical puns and an image of Confucious (philosopher/freelance rockstar), then by all means, dig in.

Best Time To Go

Cannot Control Pupils

Man Carrying Laundry Detergent

Children In Front Seats

Creates Soda-Flavored Yogurt

Crowded Elevator

Frail Fortune-Telling

Girl Who Dance Hard

Going To Bangkok

He Who Eats Crackers

He Who Have Hot Rod

He Who Laugh Last

He Whose Pants Are Too Big


Man Who Make Mistake

Man Is Like Spider

Man’s Last Will

Man Who Fart In Church

Man Who Run In Front

Man Who Stand On Toilet

Man Who Takes Forbidden Fruit

Pee Through Screen Door

Player Who Marries Midget

Steve Jobs Dies

Time Flies Like An Arrow

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