When A Person Cries

  • Kayli

    Can you please give your referrals for this “fact”? A fact is a proven statement, but by the looks of this, the message is bogus. Unless you can show that this “fact” is acceptable by terms of evidence-based science, of course.

    The same goes for other pseudo-science biological comments, like we use only x% of our brains etc.

  • Konraden

    I would like to see the journal article from a reputable source as well. You’re not alone, Kayli–I demand science!

  • Krista

    That is false! I’m a big crier and to be honest most of the time my tear falls from my right eye and very rarely do I cry out of happiness. This is just bogus and I can tell you from experience. I was just crying about ten minutes ago and it started in my right eye. Couldn’t have been from happiness…the tears were the end result of my boyfriend getting mad at me from nothing.

  • thtguy

    lol u guys complain science, when science cant explain all. mayb u shuld run back to ur tv were u feel more smart

  • Wow, what a great “fact”.

    Too bad it ain’t actually a fact.

  • Random

    Even if this was true, “psychology” would have nothing to do with it, it would have been a “physiological fact”. This confusion of words is a big clue that the writer doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    I guess someone thought someting like “Left brain is controling the body and the right deals with emotion, so, since pain is physical, the left brain triggers the crying, and the message reach the left eye first, and happyness being an emotion, it’s the right brain that makes the call, the the right eye starts crying first.”

    @thtguy: Anyone saying “science can’t explain all” is really saying “Using my narrow and limited knowledge and experince of the world, I believe that any thing I don’t understand can’t be explained by anybody else, and therefore by science”.

  • Mat

    Fact or not the redheads cute.

  • Chris

    I would like to state a fact, based on The Law of Averages. Odds are all of these replies are from trolls. Chew on that Trolls.

  • Reginald



    You’re welcome.

  • btard

    1. imagine what would have to be done to learn datum.
    2. ask yourself if it’s likely this was done?
    3. determine the significance of the datum as if it was factual.
    4. evaluate probabilities.
    5. reach conclusion.

    this is datum is likely made up.

  • btard

    this is a bullshit interesting conversation datum like males think about sex once every 7 minutes or spaghetti wasn’t eaten in italy until marco polo brought lo mein from china, or you only use 15 percent of your brain. there are non bullshit interesting conversation datums like “hey did you know a plane hit the empire state building in the forties”. the point of both is to make the sayer seem hip and informed to his conversal peers. the problem with the bullshit ones is they can make you look gullible and unserious.

  • Known to myself

    The girl in the photo transcends my perspective of beautiful. I could care less about the message on the paper… the girl, on the other hand, is angel-like.

  • Rick

    Well it’s true for me… If you want to check it in yourself you can’t count instances where tears come from both eyes. Think about a movie that made you really happy, and for pain, try plucking a few nose hairs.

  • jerks

    you people need to lighten up

  • chris

    hahaha that girl is attractive enough but jesus, people, have you ever seen a girl before? “transcends my perception of beauty,” “angel-like,” wow, i bet she sees that and totally wants to make out with you.

    personally i think she looks really boring.

  • Rule

    I’m to assume if this is try, it’s reversed if you’re left handed.

  • Jordan

    I completely agree with you. I often cry in sadness for myself and others and I can say that most of the time I cry from my right eye first. I don’t think it is a “fact” so much as a speculation that has been studied. Maybe it does work that way for some people. Maybe it depends on what side of the brain the person uses most, but I can say that I am skeptical and don’t think this is an actual “fact.”

  • cjrose

    I think it should be explained better. Pain (when you are physically hurt, stub a toe or cut yourself) and the right is emotional (happiness or sadness). I have found this to be true for me.

  • Patty

    I think it’s worth a try. Pain (physically hurt) left… emotion (happiness or sadness) on the right… I’ll try to cry tonight to let you guys know. lol.

    Everyone pay attention next time you cry, and post your results. haha. But seriously… Why do most people hate on other people? Lighten up. Smile a little. Say something nice from time to time.

  • gonedog

    i was looking at an old picture of my first dog and i cryed because i miss her, tear came from the right eye first…..her being gone did not make me happy…

  • CW

    Right Eye when you’re the person or when you’re LOOKING at the person?

  • Kevin

    Yeah she is ;D

  • Chelsarus

    I could see this being the opposite. When I cry, the first tear comes from my right eye, and it isn’t a happy cry.

  • Me

    Look it up then.

  • Blah

    If that’s where YOU spend most of your time, then I doubt the rest of us need time on our tv.

  • Angeline

    left brain will affect the right side of the brain… When you cry and the tear drop out of your right eye it most probably is caused by emotions. But if you cry an the tear drop out of your left eye, it would most likely be caused by pain. Well… That’s how I think it is…

  • Angeline

    I meant right side of the body

  • Beans

    That’s a load of crap. I have never cried when I was happy, only when sad. My dog died and a bawled all day, the first one has always come from the right eye.

  • Omnomnomnom

    The onus is on the claimant to provide the data. You can’t spew out bullshit and then expect everyone else to look for research that doesn’t exist.

  • .,yeah its right,, better much if explained……
    left – when you feel pain, from your body.. externally..
    right – emotions. internally.. even if your happy or sad.. as well as if you feel something emotionally.. :)))

  • Scotti

    me too! although i’m left-handed, i’m always crying from the left eye first. I mean, technically there is no difference between us. I cry over little things now and i’m still in middle school so i can say a lot. My home life ins’t perfect and my best friend basically brags all the time on the stuff she gets almost every day of the week when her parents are seperated and dont work and both of mine do. Yet we somehow can’t afford it. So NO rude comments people because you don’t know what else Layli and Krista were crying about besides what they told us. And it is proven! Maybe not scientifically and/or officaially but we have made our observations. So shush! Kaylie and Krista i have your respect. I was just crying like 5 minutes ago. 😀 By the way, another reason i have to put out there, people are made fun of by name calling and their personal name itself. Like mine, they call me a boy because my name is scotti. So what? I can cry all i want and it still comes out the left eye because im left handed.

  • Sneha

    Damn TRUE!!!!!!!! Psychology students will completely agree as they know the “facts” are fact!!!!!!!!!!!