18 Well Yes But Actually No Meme

Ever feel like agreeing to something but actually not really? Or perhaps you just gotta say yes but don’t have the proof to back up your claim? If so, then great! You can respond with the ever-trusty “Well yes, but actually no”! The phrase actually comes from an American short filmed titled The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!. One of the characters is asked if the reason his beard is so luxuriant is because he shouts a lot, and he replies with “Good guess, but actually no”.

It’s easy to mishear this line in the show as “Well yes, but actually no”. People thought this was hilarious and voila! A meme is born! There are a lot of hilarious memes using this phrase, and we’ve picked some of the best out there. See for yourself!

All Men Are Created Equal

For Bohemian Rhapsody

Can’t You Just Make

Could Germany Win

Creates Classical Mechanics

Do You Have Any Proof

Any Solid Proof

Is Your Cat Alive?

Jesus Is Dead

Have We Won The War

Your Own Political Opinions

Pact Makes Us Neutral

What Genre Of Music

There’s Still Hope

Handheld And Home Console

The Soviet Union

The Best Funny Pics

You Have Any Homework