20 Walrus Memes To Make Your Day


The North Pole is home to one of the world’s majestic creatures – The Walrus. They are not the Kings of the Arctic for nothing. These walrus memes prove that they can also be fun animals while being dignified looking.

Be patient son

Be patient son Walrus Meme

I’ve seen something

Dude i've seen Walrus Meme

Excuse me sir

Excuse me sir Walrus Meme

I left the oven on

I left the oven on Walrus Meme

Cutest dress ever

Oh my god Walrus Meme

I just want to talk

Open the door Walrus Meme

Saddest book ever

Saddest book Walrus Meme

The look I give

The look i give Walrus Meme

I am a diva

This seal is a diva Walrus Meme

Finding bucket

Trying to find Walrus Meme

What happened?

What did i do Walrus Meme

When Daddy Walrus checks out your new phone

When i accidentally open Walrus Meme

You, during family portraits

When your mom forces you Walrus Meme

Who needs physics

Who needs physics Walrus Meme

Tupperware party

Why did walrus go Walrus Meme

That’s a nice collection

Why do walrus go to party Walrus Meme

You amuse me

You amuse me Walrus Meme