20 Relatable Waifu Memes For Anime Fans

If you’re not familiar with the term “waifu”, you are not yet an individual of culture. You can’t call yourself a real anime fan if you don’t have a waifu or a husbando! Jokes aside, the term is generally used as a comedic name to refer to anime fans’ favorite female (and in some cases, even male!) characters. It’s because such a huge part of anime culture that a ton of hilarious memes have come from it.

Scroll down below to see some of our favorite waifu memes from anime like My Hero Academia to Demon Slayer to Re:Zero!

So Are Backpack Waifus Gonna Be The New Thing Now

backpack waifu memes

Greatest Waifus With Fangs

greatest waifu with fangs memes

Most Other People’s Waifu

my waifu memes

Touch My Waifu

touch my waifu memes

Dark Skin Anime Girls Are A Gift From God

waifu dark skin memes

You Can’t Get A Broken Heart

waifu doesnt exist memes

Smile For The Camera Sweetie

waifu family photo memes

Finding A Waifu In An Anime

waifu in anime memes

In The Classroom

waifu in the classroom memes

My Waifu Is Real

waifu is real memes


waifu me memes


waifu normie memes

Take The Money

waifu take the money memes

The One U Got

waifu the one u got memes

This Is Really True Love

waifu true love memes

Welcome To My Throne

waifu welcome to my throne memes

When Someone Insults Your Waifu

waifu when someone insults memes

First World War

waifu world war memes

You Will Never Understand Our Love

waifu you will neer understand our love memes

With Girlfriend

with waifu memes

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