20 Intense Volleyball Memes

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Nothing is more exciting than the intense back and forth between two teams. In a single match, there are countless calculated set-ups and intense spikes. However, from odd referee calls to hilarious mistakes and “got hit in the face” moments, there’s a lot that could go awry in a match!

Even if you’re not a volleyball fan, these memes are sure to put a smile on your face so go and check them out.

I See Bad Passes Everywhere

volleyball bad passes memes

When You See The Ball Going Out

volleyball ball going out memes

Dove For A Ball And Got It Up

volleyball dove for a ball memes

Tries To Dig The Ball Against Us

volleyball gets hit in the face memes

Probably Really Great At School

volleyball great at school memes

A Hard Hitter Be Like

volleyball hard hitter memes

When Someone On The Other Team Hits You In The Face With A Ball

volleyball hit you on the face memes

Volleyball Is Just A Really Intense Version Of Don’t Let The Balloon Touch The Floor

volleyball intense version of dont let the balloon touch the floor memes

When You Realize It’s Too Late

volleyball its too late memes

When You’re Line Judging And Feel really Confident About A Call

volleyball line judging memes

The Mini Heart Attack You Get When The Ball Hits The Net

volleyball mini heart attack memes

The Face Volleyball Mom’s Make

volleyball moms memes

I Just Made A Perfect Dig

volleyball perfect dig memes

You Know You’re A Real Volleyball Player When

volleyball player memes

When You Serve Amazingly With No Errors During Warm Ups

volleyball serve memes

I’m Sorry

volleyball sorry memes

I Loved To Spike Volleyballs At School

volleyball spike memes

That Moment The Ref Makes A Horrible Call

volleyball that moment memes

When They Say They’re Good At Volleyball

volleyball underhand serve memes

You Know When You’re A Volleyball Player When

you know youre a volleyball player memes

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