20 Vladimir Putin Memes You Should Totally See


Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly one of the most famous political figures. Despite his status, the internet is still overflowing with Vladimir Putin memes that can be downright hilarious.

If you want to see this leader in a different light, today’s collection can surely do the trick.

When You Type Send Nudes

Spends 7 Years and 50 Billion Dollars On The Olympics

I Know Jimmy’s In The Well

Persecutes Gays 

You Funny Guy

You Sir Will Not Get A Cookie

I Admire A Woman

With You At My Side Mr Tweetums

Let’s Party 

vladimir putin lets party memes


Shows Up At Diplomatic Event

Well Done Paul

Did We Hack You Email Server

Nice Super Bowl Ring

Sorry I’m Late 

We’re Like The Blues Brothers

You Must Take Me Seriously

I Couldn’t Be Happier

Not Bad 

vladimir putin not bad memes

Just Putin On My Glasses

vladimir putin glasses memes

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