20 Vegan Memes That’ll Surely Get You A Laugh


Not everyone has an open mind about people becoming vegan. Some find the idea absurd while others think it’s not necessary. Others actually don’t really care about your diet. Despite the varying opinions, becoming vegan still has its positive side and you shouldn’t take other people’s opinions too seriously.

If you’re bothered by what they have to say, try to use humor. Here’s our funny vegan meme collection we prepared just for you.

You’re Not Lactose Intolerant

When You’re Vegan

When You Pass A Truck

When You Invite

When You Finish Reading

When You Check The Label

Me When Someone

When Someone Asks You

We Got A Vegan


That Feeling You Get

Oh You’re Vegan

My Crush

Just Because I Eat Meat

Honey I’m Not Saying

I Don’t Even Call

Frantically Waving Hands

Claims To Be Vegan

But Mom

A Vegan

When Someone Says

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