15 Upgrades People Upgrades Memes to Upgrade Your Laughs


“Upgrades, people, upgrades,” is a phrase that originated from the 2005 animated film Robots. In the world of animation, it was meant to encourage, to be bold, to be ambitious, to not settle for scraps. As a meme, though, it’s to make fun of any so-called improvements that are both ridiculous and amusing, like voice-controlled appliances. Because, apparently, doing it ourselves is just so awful. Upgrades — that’s how we make the dough. And eventually lose the muscle mass.

Check out these 15 upgrades people upgrades memes for your leisure.

When He Turned Tractors

What Made You Cancel

When Violent Python Tells You

Fights War Of Independence

When You Want Hot Shower

When You Turn Every Meme

“Mad Scientist” Mom

Wanna Make A ‘Stonks’ Meme

Upgrades, People

Old Town Road

Playing Slay The Spire

Red-Tailed Horses

Stray Cat Kept Coming

When You Finally Replace Windows

Shared Controller

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