20 Shocking Yet Funny Unsettled Tom Memes


If you need a meme as a response to some shocking or mind-blowing behavior, what you need is this unsettled Tom meme.

Tom is the cat from the classic animation Tom and Jerry. Tom isn’t chasing Jerry as per usual. Instead, he’s showing off a truly astounded look.

Find out all the hilarious reasons why Tom is looking so unsettled.

Scratches Head With Gun

unsettled tom bank teller meme

Finally Cut Ties With Someone Who’s Been Dragging Me Down

unsettled tom cut ties meme

Eating Hamburger In The Break Time

unsettled tom eating hamburger meme

Room Is Dark

unsettled tom electrician meme

Me After Lord Elrond Just Declared The Fellowship Of The Ring

unsettled tom fellowship of the ring meme

Goes Into A Room Full Of Gold Bars

unsettled tom gold bars meme

Picks Up Hammer To Nail Painting To Wall

unsettled tom hammer meme

Turns Off The Fan Cause It’s Cold

unsettled tom helicopter meme

Opening The Windows To Let Fresh Air In

unsettled tom international space station meme

Plugs In My Nintendo Switch To Charge It

unsettled tom nintendo switch meme

Uses Knife To Save Ammo

unsettled tom paintball meme

Gets Up Out Of Bed And Makes Some Totino’s Pizza Rolls

unsettled tom pizza rolls meme

Watching Movies For Hours So I Step Outside For Some Fresh Air

unsettled tom plane meme

A Person’s Pupils Dilate When They See Someone They Are Attracted To

unsettled tom pupils dilate meme

Me Leaving My Seat

unsettled tom rollercoaster meme

Forgets Backpack

unsettled tom skydivers meme

Starts Snapping My Fingers To The Beat

unsettled tom snapping to the beat meme

Steals The Heart Of A Cute Girl

unsettled tom steals heart meme

Stands Up To Stretch

unsettled tom stretch meme

Whips Out A Mad Powerful Yu-Gi-Oh Card

unsettled tom yu gi oh card meme

If you see your own colleagues or friends doing some weird stuff, how about making your own unsettled Tom meme?