18 Unagi Memes From Ross And Friends


Do you remember the time in the Friends sitcom when Ross tried to school Rachel and Phoebe in the art of karate (pronounce this as karaTEYH like Ross did) and unagi?

Now, like the girls, you might wonder what unagi is? In fact, Phoebe was dead right that it’s nothing more than freshwater eel. However, Ross hilariously proceeds to explain it as a state of total awareness. This is so FRIENDS humor, it’s crazy.

We’re still not sure what word Ross confused unagi with. There’s ikigai but the word means sense of purpose. If anybody knows, hit us up in the comments. We want to know, too!

Now check out these funny unagi memes.

You Can’t Have An Affair

unagi affair meme

My Depression And Anxiety

unagi depression meme

While Driving On the Highway

unagi driving on the highway meme


unagi eel meme


unagi exam meme

When I Guess Which Family Member Is Coming

unagi family members meme

When All Of Your Friends Party

unagi friends party meme

Whenever I Call Out A Jumpscare

unagi jumpscare meme


unagi memes

When A Jr Asks You A Random Question

unagi random question meme

When Someone Tries To Scare You

unagi scare meme

Spiderman Unagi

unagi spiderman meme

Who Needs Swag

unagi swag meme

When Teacher Asks You A Question

unagi teacher meme


unagi unigga meme

Ahhh Huh

unagi white walkers meme


unagi facts meme

Salmon Skin Roll

unagi salmon skin roll meme

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