15 Uber Memes You Will Rate 5 Stars


Nowadays, traveling from point A to point B can be literally as easy as clicking a button. Uber is one of the big companies that transformed how people traveled.

Along with massive changes are situations we find ourselves in, whether we like it or not. For example, getting an Uber and waiting for the driver seems quite easy but is a real challenge in itself. Did you also know that getting in an Uber with your drunk friends can be real stressful for sober you and nerve-wracking for the driver?

Let’s take a look at this Uber meme collection we rounded up for you.

As Long As I Arrive Safely

crocodile uber meme

She’s A Disneyland Of Nightmare, Your Honor

disneyland uber meme


drunk uber meme

Jesus Take The Wheel 

escape uber meme

Don’t Worry They Just Respawn

friends uber meme

When You Finally Realize The Amount You Spen On Uber

how much uber meme

Can We Focus On The Road, Please

interesting uber meme

It’s No Biggie *sharpens claws*

joke uber meme

Do YOU think I Am Interested In Your Personal Life?

real job uber meme

As Long As I Get There On Time

sketchy uber meme

Listen, Boy, My First Love Story

story uber meme

Giving Directions To Your Uber Driver

talking uber meme

Prepare for Trouble, And Make It DoublF

trouble uber meme

Sir, Where Are We ?

where uber meme

When The GPS Is Drunk And Your Uber Driver Has No Clue

wrong turn uber meme

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