14 Random Tumblr Memes


You can say that Tumblr is one giant space vortex of many weird and strange things if you dig deep enough. Because it is not screened or moderated in any way, bloggers can express themselves the way they want however they want.

Check out these Tumblr memes and see what we’re talking about.

I Just Noticed Something

armstrong tumblr meme

What Do Birds Do

birds tumblr meme

I Bumped Onto The Stairs With My Leg

bruce tumblr meme

Rest In Peace

celebi tumblr meme

Properly Organized Fox Storage

fox tumblr meme

Being Pumped For Halloween

halloween tumblr meme

People Often Say

heaven tumblr meme

Until I Was Like 12

herbivore tumblr meme

I Always Imagined

kiwi tumblr meme


Me On Exams

paper tumblr meme

Pitbull Looks Like The Naked Mole Rat

pitbull tumblr meme

Someone In English

shrek tumblr meme

Prepare For High School

skeleton tumblr meme


Texas Confession

texas tumblr meme

I Hate Hearing Girls Complain

time tumblr meme

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