16 Really Funny TT Memes You’ll End Up Crying Happy


TT meme. What is it and where did it come from?

TT is a popular song by Twice, A South Korean Girl Group. TT is also a sad & crying face emoji very popular among social media app, especially in Korea. The eyes are the horizontal lines and the vertical lines are the tears. The emoji became a popular meme because of Twice’s song talking about feeling sad (Just like TT).

Take a look at some of the TT memes we’ve taken from the world wide web.

Why Am I Doing This?

asking tt meme

When You’re Like TT At The Backseat

backseat tt meme

When You’re Like TT On YouTube

comment tt meme

When You FaceTime With Bae

facetime tt meme

How Does The Fox Feel? Did Anyone Think Of That?

fox tt meme

Going Out With Friends And You’re The Designated Driver. TT.

friends tt meme

When They Still Try To Talk With You And You’re Like TT

headphones tt meme

When Twice Comes On Shuffle

im like tt meme

Listening To Sad Songs When I’m TT

listening tt meme

Eating Oreo

oreo tt meme

When You’re Sad But You Want To Be More Sad

purpose tt meme

I’m Like TT

sad tt meme

Shawn Being A TT meme

shawn tt meme

When The Song Is So Good But It Reminds You Of The Past

song tt meme

When You On Twitter But You Have No Clue Why The TT

still tt meme

What Did I Ever Do To You?

why tt meme

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