48 Thought-Provoking Trust Quotes on Building and Earning Trust

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. Without it, there’s no way for friendship, romance, and family to grow and stand the test of time. When we trust, we’re at peace because we know someone is looking out for us whatever happens.

However, the realities of life have taught us that trust is not easy to give and to earn. Sometimes we give our trust to those who don’t deserve it. When we end up getting hurt, it becomes hard for us to trust again, even the ones who have our best interests at heart.

But at the end of the day, constantly doubting others can be taxing. We can only accept that just like love, trust is also a leap of faith. Trusting the right person gains us a friend, a partner, and an ally for life, while trusting the wrong one gains us a valuable lesson. It’s suffice to say that both are essential for us to endure and to prevail.

Here are 48 trust quotes that reflect the importance of trust.

Trust Quotes

I don’t trust easily, so when I tell you I trust you, please don’t make me regret it.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. – William Shakespeare

william shakespeare trust quotes

Trust is like a mirror..once it’s broken you can never look at it the same again…

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. – Stephen Covey

stephen covey trust quotes

I would rather trust a woman’s instinct than a man’s reason. – Stanley Baldwin

Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes.

trust people quotes

I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Never trust a person that has let you down more than 2 times. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson and anything more than that is simply taking advantage.

trust quotations

People ask me why it’s so hard to trust people, and I ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise.

Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do. – Benjamin Spock

benjamin spock trust quotes

When you start to wonder whether you can trust someone or not, that is when you already know you don’t.

He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted. – Lao Tzu

lao tzu trust quotes

Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. – Joyce Brothers

Be careful about who you trust and tell your problems to. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

trust quote

It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that holds human associations together. – H. L. Mencken

The chief lesson I have learned in a long life is that the only way you can make a man trustworthy is to trust him; and the surest way to make him untrustworthy is to distrust him. – Henry L. Stimson

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. – Ernest Hemingway

ernest hemingway trust quotes

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. – Warren Buffett

I’ve only ever trusted my gut on everything. I don’t trust my head, I don’t trust my heart, I trust my gut. – Bryan Adams

bryan adams trust quotes

It was a mistake,” you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you. – David Levithan

When you completely trust another person, you will end up with one of two outcomes. A friend for life or a lesson for life. Both, regardless of the outcome are valuable.

trust another person quotes

“I trust you” is a better compliment than “I love you” because you may not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust.

The glue that holds all relationships together–including the relationship between the leader and the led–is trust, and trust is based on integrity. – Brian Tracy

How do you build trust? Trust is earned when everyone’s interests are considered and respected. Communication is the key to do this. – Sheri Levit

build trust quotes

“Sorry” works when a mistake is made, but not when trust is broken. So in life, make mistakes but never break trust. Because forgiving is easy, but forgetting and trusting again is sometimes impossible.

Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s. – Billy Wilder

billy wilder trust quotes

Trust life a little bit.

You should trust people by their actions, not their words.

Wise men put their trust in ideas and not in circumstances. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

ralph waldo emerson trust quotes

Never trust someone who lies to you. Never lie to someone who trusts you.

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. – Golda Meir

golda meir trust quotes

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. – Albert Einstein

When someone breaks your trust. Don’t feel stupid for trusting them. You didn’t do anything wrong, they’re just an untrustworthy person.

The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust. – Abraham Lincoln

abraham lincoln trust quotes

Trust is like blood pressure. It’s silent, vital to good health, and if abused it can be deadly. – Frank Sonnenberg

Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go. – Natalie Goldberg

natalie goldberg trust quotes

When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly. – Blaine Lee

Better to trust the man who is frequently in error than the one who is never in doubt. – Eric Sevareid

eric sevareid trust quotes

Trust is like a paper, once it’s crumbled it can’t be perfect.

People always ask me why I don’t open up to anyone anymore. The truth is, once you start to like someone, they either move, die or betray you… and you never see them again.

If you have three people in your life that you can trust, you can consider yourself the luckiest person in the whole world. – Selena Gomez

selena gomez trust quotes

Sometimes you’ve got to be hurt before you can move on. And that makes you stronger. But at other times you get hurt and you can never trust again.

Trust enables you to put your deepest feelings and fears in the palm of your partner’s hand, knowing they will be handled with care. – Carl S. Avery

carl avery trust quotes

Always trust your first gut instincts. If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul that something is wrong, it usually.

I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.’ … There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt. – Maya Angelou

maya angelou trust quotes

Not everyone can be trusted. I think we all have to be very selective about the people we trust. – Shelley Long

I’m a good enough person to forgive you, but I’m not stupid enough to trust you again.

The worst of betrayals is by those who you trust most. Beware.

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