25 Cute and Funny True Love Memes


Memes don’t always have to be inane or over-the-top. Memes can be soft and romantic, too.

Bring a smile to your loved one’s face with these sweet true love memes. They’re kinda cheesy and may even be a bit cringey but they’ll definitely melt hearts.

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A Relationship Like This

Don’t Ever Leave Me

true love dont ever leave me meme

I Love You So Much

true i love you so much meme

Is Your Body From Mcdonalds

Kiss Her Like This

Me Waiting For A Text Back

Men In Love 

My Heart Aches

Of Course I Love You

Stop Running I Love You

Tag Your Love

Tell Me How Much You Love Me

Told My Crush That I Love Her 

True Love Means

true love means meme

True Love

true love you know it meme

We Met Yesterday

true love we met yesterday meme

When It’s True Love

when its true love meme

When You Both Gained A Few Pounds

When You Tell Her You Love Her

You’re The Type Of Guy I’d Make A Sandwich For

Proposing To My True Love

proposing true love meme

Even If It Wasn’t Cold Outside

true love cold outside meme

I’m Crying

true love crying meme

True Love Knows No Fences

true love knows no fences meme

Me When I Hear A Teenager Talking About True Love

true love teenager meme

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