True Love Is Always Worth Fighting For


  • Sarah

    Is love real?

  • Triggatrizz

    I fell in love, once. Lost her while I was running so I guess I should have seen it comming. She gave up. I’m with someone else and Im only able to treat her the way a woman should be treated because of what I’ve been through. I don’t really believe in falling in love twice. I thought I moved on but thoughts of my ex haunts me because I feel I shoulda loved her the way Im able to love now. My girl doesn’t know and I don’t wanna break her heart but I already know my companion :/ .. Can somebody , anybody help me ? *tears

  • MD

    Thats awful.

  • me

    I know how u feel. I wish there was a off switch for loving someone.

  • me

    Yes, love is very real. Ask anyone who felt the physical pain caused by a broken heart. It aches, literally!

  • M.A.F.

    for me its happen i am feel inlove in one boy, that in high school time, fight it for so many years, but the fight it not happen when i hear my best friend M,R, that she also inlove to the boy i love, so i think many time’s since my best friend i give way for my best friend… and thats i fight for the love i have for my best friend….

  • Shanas

    Love yourself to start beginning. Never agree love happen once because if you are not capable to handle multi task you never be successful in the world. so far my understand as crossed over many lovers they are emotional workers pushing themselves in to hell if fail.. you can go ahead when you step in..
    Many of them just caring about others and follow the old system..change your heart to win.. you faced many failure then why do you take it forward in all the place.