15 Training Day Memes That’ll Make You Feel Excited As A Fan


A 2001 crime film, Training Day focuses on a veteran police officer, Denzel Washington, who had a different way of implementing rules and the laws on the street. This puts his rookie, Ethan Hawke, in a very critical position as he starts to get filled with dilemmas.

With a great story and cast, Training Day was able to bag several awards and recognition. This included the Best Actor Award for Denzel Washington and the Black Reel Award for Outstanding film.

Now, if you’re a fan and you totally this film, we have this really awesome Training Day meme collection. Go ahead and enjoy!

Be Productive

Don’t Tell Me What Was Said About Me

Do You Wanna Make Some Money


Hey Girl

Play The Player

Smells Like Bacon

So You’re Telling Me

That Look You Give

The Look We Get

The Sooner You Can Match

Trust Me

Watched Training Day

When Leadership Says

You Don’t Have A Job

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