18 Relatable Tiger Mom Memes

Raise your hand if you know a Tiger Mom.

If you grew up in an Asian household, the essence of the Tiger Mom would be very familiar to you. There is an emphasis on doing excellently, succeeding, and coming first. And while children may complain about the strict upbringing, ultimately, they find themselves thanking their Tiger Moms for the strides they have made in life as a result of this “tough love”.

It’s not unusual or uncommon for Tiger Moms to be parodied or satirized. Still, some of these Tiger Mom memes are very relatable. Check them out!

Asian American Studies

tiger mom asian american studies memes

You Want To Bake Cake

tiger mom bake cake memes

You Want A Cookie

tiger mom cookie memes

That Cupcake Looks Delicious

tiger mom cupcake looks delicious memes

Doogie Was A Doctor At 16

tiger mom doogie memes

This Is A Free Country

tiger mom free country memes


tiger mom garbage memes

Go To Sleep

tiger mom go to sleep memes

All I Care About Is That You’re Happy

tiger mom happy memes

Forces You To Learn Violin Or Piano As A Child

tiger mom learn violin memes

Western Mom Says Let It Be

tiger mom make it a memes

Your New Chinese Name

tiger mom new chinese name memes

No Tiger Mom Memes Yet

tiger mom no memes

If You Have Time To Facebook

tiger mom practice memes

You Won Second Place

tiger mom second place memes


tiger mom sin memes

Have Triplets

tiger mom triplets memes

V For Victory

tiger mom v for violin memes

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