18 Thor Memes That’ll Make Every Fan Laugh Hard

Looking for an awesome Thor meme you can send to your friends? We’ve got you covered.

Thor is considered as the best Avenger. He’s pretty much immortal and invicible so he won’t have a hard time defending himself. He possesses really cool superpowers, like being able to fly, create shockwaves, and even summon thunders. He also has a cool sense of humor which is why he’s able to earn a lot of people’s heart.

If you are a fan of the superhero, check out our Thor-themed collectionn below. Enjoy!

Always Thor

Doc Thor

Forgot Where I Put Mjolnir

Harry Pothor

How It Felt Watching

I Have No Plans

I’ve Been Carrying This Hammer All Day

Knock Knock


Sometimes I Touch Myself





Today Is

What If

When You’re In Line

You Never Laugh At My Low Key Jokes

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