15 The What Memes Because Confusion is Pain


This lady from a Rug Doctor ad was just minding her own business and doing some insincere cleaning when the meme community discovered her potential. Things have escalated since and now here we are. From covering up a murder to becoming the face of ultimate disbelief and confusion, the supposedly chore-loving lady is everyone of us whenever life becomes unbelievably ridiculous.

Check out these 15 The What memes you can relate to… sort of.

How Will We Measure It?

Post-Chemo Hair Game

Asks You If You Have Seen

What’s Going On?

Release The Crackheads!

We Can’t Smoke Anymore

The Chick From ‘The What’

He Would Be Proud

No Stain

Panic Attacks After Serving

Life-Sized Clown Statue

Men At Helm’s Deep

We’re Fighting Loki

Getting Ready To Run

I Finally Completed All

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