26 The Weeknd’s Super Bowl LV Halftime Show Memes


It’s quite hilarious that after The Weeknd’s Super Bowl half time show, his viral meme took off more than the actual performance. Right after the broadcast, people took to their social media to share what they had to say about the singer’s frantic walk through hallways while clutching a self-camera.

It seems that accidentally, a lot of people can relate – from having to hold your pee in to the last few minutes of a pricey tour. It’s actually surprising how many of these are so relatable.

Check out the funniest memes of the Weeknd from the Super Bowl show.

Trying To Find The Bathroom

Zoom Meetings

At Grocery Store Looking For Mom

Where’s The Dog

Pizza Rolls Inside The Microwave

Looking For My Phone

Closing In 5 Minutes

Brain Cells In The Head

Facetime With Dad

Cat Throwing Up

Concerts On IG Story

Looking For Samples

Looking For The Mute Button

After Someone Gives Specific Directions

Cat Waking Up From A 14 Hour Nap

Trying To Find Friends In The Crowd

Taking My iPad Back From A Toddler

Picking Out Cereal

Looking For Toilet Paper

1% Battery Level

Facetiming When Drunk

Taking Out The Chicken From The Freezer

My Dog When I Come Home

There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Jungkook As The Camera Man

Jimin Looking For Jungkook