20 Comical The Walking Dead Memes


Eight seasons and the undead are still terrorizing Rick and his band of dirty, badass rednecks. And with its stunning effects, great characters, and impressive setting, The Walking Dead series can still go a long way.

If you can’t get enough of this TV series, here are the best The Walking Dead memes that will make you feel even more thrilled to be a fan. Enjoy!

7 Months Without The Walking Dead

Always Bragging

Black Guy

Daryl Dixon

Don’t You Wish

Do You Know

Fuck The Police

Happy Father’s Day

Jesus Would Want

Join The Saviours

Let’s Become Walkers

Rick Grimes

So I Tried

Two Guys

Wait A Second

What Do You Call

Why Doesn’t Anyone

You Babysit Judith

You’ll Quit

Zombie Apocalypse

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