20 The Tea Memes For All That Drama


Here’s something people have been rather addicted to as of late—tea. And no, we’re not talking about that kind of tea! We’re talking about that juicy, juicy drama. For those not familiar, the phrase “spilling the tea” is used to refer to someone spilling those spicy details about something or someone.

While we don’t condone any malicious spreading of drama around, it can be quite funny at times when people are just so thirsty for that tea. If you wanna see the tea that we’ve dug up, scroll down below because we have a ton of tea memes you can pass the time with!

C’mon Dear

the tea cmon meme

I Don’t Brew The Tea

the tea dont brew it meme

Don’t Mind Me

the tea dont mind me meme

When Someone Spills The Tea

the tea dont wanna know meme

When You Know Drama Just Happened

the tea drama meme

Listening To My Family Members Spill Tea

the tea easter meme

Me Waiting For The Face Security Group

the tea face security group meme

When You’re Ready To Spill The Tea

the tea friends meme

Good Mo’nin

the tea good morning meme

Me When The Tea Has Been Spilled

the tea has been spilled meme

When Your Friend Comes Up To You

the tea huge meme


the tea interesting meme

Me Ready To Spill The Tea

the tea me meme

When Your Friend Finally Spills The Tea

the tea not good meme

And That’s The Tea Sis

the tea sis meme

When Someone Spills The Tea

the tea someone meme

Spill It Now

the tea spill it now meme

Me Staying Away From The Drama

the tea staying away meme

When You Tell Your Man All The Tea

the tea tell your man meme

When Tea Is Too Hot

the tea too hot meme