The success indicator by Mary Ellen Tribby


  • Dedjezter

    Funny how someone making a chart of traits like this can not spell Successful or unsuccessful correctly, as well as using the wrong version of the word Horde. One could also complain that the infographic is gender offensive as well seeing as it shows a woman as being successful and a man as being unsuccessful.

  • Jeff Deas

    I am glad you pointed out the spelling errors. Makes the whole chart erroneous now.

  • David

    Funny how attitude is affected by errors, huh?

  • Steph

    successful people put it out their even when its not ‘perfect’. 🙂

  • alipdd

    Guess she needs to add, “always finding fault” and “just plain bitchy” to the list…

  • Ashish

    Thanks for putting this up. Very Interesting. Can you help me with more explanation on
    a) ” Sense of Entitlement”
    b) Co-relation of watching TV as a trait of unsuccesful people

  • JC

    On what is this based? It looks to me more like someone has put together a list of characteristics of people they like, and a list of those they do not like.

  • Margo Kirwin

    I guess that’s the key. I think it is very useful. Too bad it wasn’t edited well, but I’ll use it anyway. Like any single visual representation, while it necessarily oversimplifies and generalizes, it does its job of saying a lot in a single, small space.

    Constant errors in “published” materials is the price we are paying work working at the speed of light and squeezing in “getting it out there” on the web into everything we need to get done in a day.

  • DeBora Wealthy Gross

    No this was not meant for Jeff but for Dedjezter…..spelling does not measure intelligence, I still like the chart and it is something to hold oneself accountable in spite of the spelling error.

  • Steph Lofton

    Did you ever correct the graphic? It is traveling around our office and it would be nice to have the latest edition w corrections. I think the graphic is insightful especially the ‘watch TV everyday/read everyday’ juxtaposition. Replacing TV time w worthwhile persuits is a constant battle of self-control for me and mine. Thank you for the reminder. Keep them coming!!!