15 The IT Crowd Memes For Computer Nerds


Did you hear about the IT department that got a supervisor who knew zilch about computers? Oh wait. That’s the British sitcom, the IT Crowd. The IT crowd is made up of three main characters; a pretty airhead boss, a lazy Irishman and an awkward geek.

With such a show that deals with so-called computer experts, you’d think we’d pick up a thing or two. The only thing we’d picked up though is to turn one’s computer on and off for any computer trouble.

Relive their shenanigans and misadventures with these funny IT Crowd memes.

Thank You

the it crowd computer man memes

Dinosaurs Are Eating People

the it crowd dinosaurs memes


the it crowd distraction memes

We Have To Fix The Universe

the it crowd fix the universe memes


the it crowd helpdesk memes

I Don’t Always Turn It Off

the it crowd i dont always memes

The Moss Factor

the it crowd moss factor memes

When People Ask Me What Kind Of Music I Listen To

the it crowd music memes

Hi I’m Having Some Trouble With My Governm

the it crowd obama memes

One Does Not Simply Turn It Off And On Again

the it crowd one does not simply memes

I’m Gonna Save The Other Half Of This Sandwich For Later

the it crowd sandwich memes


the it crowd smooth memes


the it crowd teamwork memes

Me Telling Everyone At Work That The Tool Albums Are Streaming

the it crowd tool albums memes

When Yet Another Thing Goes Wrong In My Life

the it crowd wrong in my life memes

Share an IT Crowd meme today. Who knows? They might check out the show and like it!