18 Hilarious The Bobs Memes For Downsizing Humor


Welcome, Office Space fans! Laying off people is never funny but The Bobs manage it. Bob Slydell and Bob Porter are the bobs and they’re sitting side by side in front of their desk ready to tell you why you’ve been downsized. Or, maybe not because they don’t like confrontation. They’ll just say they fixed the glitch.

Check out these funny The Bobs memes. For once, we hope they’re not relatable!

So Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

the bobs 5 years meme

The Gesture Was Something Small That I Could Do

the bobs avoid confrontation meme

Us Bobs Make Sure You Are Behaving

the bobs behaving meme

When We Said You Can Take Few Decisions On Your Own

the bobs decisions meme

We Fixed The Glitch

the bobs fixed the glitch meme

I’d Help

the bobs id help meme

Where Is Job Tracker

the bobs job tracker meme

Meeting With The Bobs

the bobs meeting meme

Just A Second There Professor

the bobs professor meme

The Bob’s

the bobs promoting dillweeds meme

To Be Fair

the bobs second nerf meme

Slow Down There Champ

the bobs slow down there meme

So Tesla Sales Is Getting Fired

the bobs tesla sales meme

Ultimate Giver Stole A Bunch Of Stuff From Us

the bobs ultimate giver meme

What Would You Say You Do Here

the bobs what would you say do here meme

No We Fixed The Glitch

the bobs wont be receiving calls meme

We Fixed The Glitch

the bobs wont get a paycheck meme

We Fixed The Glitch

the bobs work itself naturally meme