20 Funny Memes About That Unforgettable Tesla Cybertruck

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck, it garnered its share of dislikes so much so that the company’s stock went down by 6% following the vehicle’s announcement. Here’s a video from one of the attendees of the unveiling:

There were a lot of memorable moments including a steel ball damaging the windows.  Regardless, Elon Musk later shared that they had received more than 146,000 preorders in just one day and a half.

As expected, netizens went to town in making their own Tesla Cybertruck memes. Check them out!

Tesla Croft

tesla croft cybertruck memes

1980 Vs 2020

tesla cybertruck 1980 2020 memes

Blade Runner Is Now

tesla cybertruck blade runner memes

Draw A Car

tesla cybertruck draw a car memes

Ok What Should The Design For Our New Truck Be

tesla cybertruck elon memes


tesla cybertruck expectation memes

You Can’t Fix The Tesla Truck

tesla cybertruck fix memes

The Future Of Law Enforcement

tesla cybertruck future of law enforcement memes

Ultra Low Quality

tesla cybertruck graphics quality memes

When You Play On Really Low Setting

tesla cybertruck higher fps memes

2019 Winner Of Ugliest Vehicle Of The Year

tesla cybertruck hold my beer memes

We Are Charging Everything

tesla cybertruck hold my joint memes

How They Made The New Tesla Cybertruck

tesla cybertruck how they made memes

When You See The Cybertruck For The First Time

tesla cybertruck minecraft memes

Model X

tesla cybertruck model why memes

What Tesla Sees

tesla cybertruck what every one else sees memes

Lower Graphics Means More Speed

tesla cybertruck wise saying memes

The Words I Plan To Use To Tell My Crush My Feelings

tesla cybertruck words memes

Your Crush

tesla cybertruck you memes

If you think Elon Musk’s a very interesting personality, check out these Elon Musk memes.

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