17 Tequila Memes That’ll Make Your Day


There are tons of reasons why people love tequila. It’s not that expensive yet it has a classy taste. You can’t drink it straight without that nasty aftertaste that’ll make yu throw up.

Apart from that, tequila can also fight cholesterol, treat colds, and lower blood sugar. It can even aid in weight loss.

Because the drink is so great, it’s not that surprising to find a lot of people falling in love with it each time they drink it. If you happen to be one of those people, today’s tequila meme collection is exactly for you. Enjoy!

1 Tequila

I Don’t Really Like Tequila

Beards Are Like Tequila

Do You Know What Happens

Exercise Makes You Look Better Naked

When That First Sip Of Tequila

One Tequila

Tequila Hangovers

I Don’t Really Like Tequila

I’m Never Drinking Again

I’m Not Saying You’re Ugly

I Think I Drunk

It’s Just Tequila They Said

Tequila Fountain

The 4 Kinds Of Tequila Drinkers

This Is How Tequila Works

When You Throw Up

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