18 Relatable Technology Memes


Technology is something we usually take for granted. It has helped us be more efficient in our work and connect with each other easier than ever before. Could you imagine living in a world without any vehicles or the internet? Sure, we might be a bit healthier and not as lazy of human beings, but the convenience these technologies have brought us have also given us many positives, especially in the medical field. However, this doesn’t stop us from making a ton of technology-related memes!

From computer memes to internet memes, take a look at the many different tech-related memes we have on display for you to laugh at. Sure, technology has helped us out a ton, but there are lot of silly things about it as well. See for yourself!

Technology And Stuff

technology and stuff memes


technology meaning memes

Do They Deliver E-mails

technology memes e mails

Types Google Into Google

technology memes google

When You Get Drafted In WW3

technology memes meme war department

Successfully Introduces A New Tech Tool To Students

technology memes new tech tools to students

When Asked What Did You Click On

technology memes nothing

When You Try To Teach Your Parents How To Use Technology

technology memes press any key

When Your Laptop Is Frozen

technology memes microwave

They Told Me To Scan This Laptop

technology memes scan laptop

Tracking My Cookies

technology memes tracking my cookies

Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again

technology memes turning it on and off again

That One Co-Worker Who Still Can’t Unmute Themselves

technology memes un-mute

When People Ask Me Why I Don’t Go Outside

technology memes we have technology

Information Technology

technology memes what they think i'm doing

Please Wait

technology memes wizard

Society If Technology Didn’t Exist

technology society memes

I Used The # In Front Of Everything

technology twitter memes