25 Swimming Memes That Are So True


Swimming is one of the best ways to burn fats without putting a lot of stress on the joints, bones, and muscles. It can improve your respiratory muscles so you can breathe easier and more efficiently. It can boost your mood, too.

However, although great, swimming isn’t the easiest activity to learn. It requires a lot of time, discipline, and commitment before you can be really good at it. And if you’re someone who’s struggled so hard to learn it, you’ll find these swimming memes totally spot on! Check them out and have a good laugh!

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Come Swim With Me

Hey Girl

How Coach Sees Us

How I Feel When My Goggles Fog Up

I Don’t Always Drink Bourbon For Breakfast

I Don’t Know Why Other Athletes Bite Their Medals

If You Are Swimming In The Lane Next To Me

I Just Like Swimming

I Just Want To Swim Laps

Jim Started Rethinking His Decisions

Misses The Wall On Flip Turn


Mom Brought

No Pool

Oh So You Think 

Something Just

So You’re Interested In Joining The Navy

Swimming A 1,650

Synchronized Swimming

What I Think My Backstroke Start Looks Like

When Coach Says

When Coach Told You Not To Breathe On Every Stroke

Whenever You’re Feeling Powerless 

When You’re Alone In The Lane

With Synchronized Strokes

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