25 Sweating Man Memes For When You’re Anxious


Anxiety is so common nowadays. Life is just too hectic that our nerves are shot all the time.

Checking your bank balance, going on an expensive date, almost getting busted, or having a hairy time at school or at work — nowadays, these are stress-inducing moments that are best expressed with a Sweating Man meme.

Just look at him sweat bullets. Look at the fear in his eyes. Yeah, relatable. Or maybe it’s just the super spicy wings.

Check out these funny Sweating Man memes we collected for you.

5 Minutes Since You Uploaded Your Meme

Been Flirting With Her On Snapchat

Checking Your Bank Account After A Weekend Out

Girlfriend Starts To Look Through Your Facebook

How Many Girls You’ve Been With

It’s Your Turn To Order And You Haven’t

I Want To Link The Human Brain

Links The OC In The Comments

Me At A National Park Knowing That

Me Watching Pewdiepie Use His Trident

“School Called”

The Teacher Comes And Stands Right

Trying Not To Leave Early

When It’s Twenty Minutes In

When The Wings Are Too Spicy

When You Are Sorting By New

When You’re Approaching Someone In A Long Hallway

When You’re Making A Meme In Class

When You’re Trying To Sneak Out

When Your Parents Are Looking Through

When You See Exam Question 1

When You Speed And See A Cop

Your Friend Asks You To Skip To The Next Song

Your Friend Wants To Walk To Lunch

You Show Your Parents A Pic