20 Staredad Memes to Laugh and Glare


The image of a father staring at his afflicted child with profound menace originally appeared in a custom comic titled “Dad Wasps Oh No”. It has since evolved into something called Staredad because would you look at that stare. The dynamic of this father-son duo then became what we know and enjoy now as Staredad memes. With his son-hating punchlines and morose attitude, it’s clear he’s not interested in winning the Best Father Award anytime soon. He’s not known for his cheerfulness, either. But at least he knows milkshake songs.

Here are 20 Staredad memes to make you laugh.

SquareEnix Wants To Release

What’s Wrong Dad?

How Much Do You Love Me?

I Won An iPad 2!!!

I Can’t Find Mommy

It’s My Birthday

I Was Driving

I Can’t Remember

I Found The Coolest Show!

My Toilet Won’t Work

They’re In The Yard

Money Well Spent

Where Are You?!

Dad, I’m Hungry!

Can I Get Sonic Boom

Let’s Go To The Night Club!

The Kid Died

I Had A Nightmare

Am I Going To Inherit

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