20 Funny Star Wars No Memes Of Luke And Darth Vader


This iconic scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back has carved its way into the minds of millions of people. It remains as one of the most memorable scenes and plot twists in not just Star Wars but cinema as a whole. Luke’s scream of despair at the horrible revelation thrust onto him is just that striking!

It also happens to be a goldmine of laughs when people replace Vader’s famous line “I am your father” with stuff that’s little more comical. Read on for some of the funniest Star Wars memes you’ve seen yet.

You Are Forever Banned From Fortnite

star wars no banned from fortnite meme

Burger King Is Better Than McDonald’s

star wars no burger king meme

Luke Come To The Dark Meme Side

star wars no dark meme side

It’s No Use Luke

star wars no fathers day meme

Luke No More Fortnite

star wars no fortnite meme

Luke We Are Having Green Beans For Dinner

star wars no green beans for dinner meme

Luke I Am Your Papi

star wars no i am your papi meme

Hey I Just Met You

star wars no join me maybe meme

Yo Luke Want To Listen To My Rap

star wars no listen to my rap meme

Luke I Am Your Owner

star wars no mickey mouse meme

There Will Be No Minecraft 2

star wars no minecraft 2 meme

I Just Ordered Gluten Free Pizza

star wars no ordered gluten free pizza meme

Luke Pineapple Goes On Pizza

star wars no pineapple goes on pizza meme

I Pushed Santa Off Cliff

star wars no santa meme

Luke I’m A Star Trek Fan

star wars no star trek fan meme

No Luke I Stole Your Diamonds

star wars no stole your diamonds meme

I Ate The Last Twinkie

star wars no the last twinkie meme

Luke Here’s Your Lunchbox For School

star wars no twinkies meme

Luke Uncle Ben Died

star wars no uncle ben died meme

Come To The Dark Side We Have Cookies

star wars no we have cookies meme

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