20 Exciting Spring Break Memes


Celebrate with a spring break meme!

After studying so hard for the rest of the semester, you just need a huge huge break. Spring break can’t come soon enough.

Make your friends laugh or rally them to stay strong with a Spring break meme.

Stay Strong Spring Break is in one Day

Our Teachers Be Like

My Teachers Face

We Had One Spring Break

What If I Told You 

Just A Few More Days

An Entire Week To Work On Homework

Happy Spring Break

Stay Strong Kid

Is It Spring Break Yet

Unhelpful Teacher

This Better Be A Joke

I Heard You Got Spring Break

I’m Outta Here

Gives Long Homework Assignment

When You Realize Spring Break Is Over

Skeptical Baby Spring Break Is Almost Over

When Spring Break Is Coming

The Countdown Begins Now

Spring Break Is Finally Here

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