22 Social Media Memes You’ll Find Too Real


Social media has been the new norm. People generally choose it over TV programs and movies for entertainment. It’s also more favored when it comes to checking out the latest news.

With so many things to see and do on social media, people spend a huge chunk of their day scrolling through newsfeed and visiting other people’s accounts. And that’s where the fun things happen.

Today’s social media meme collection perfectly highlights people’s behaviors on social media. Scroll down and find out which one you’re mostly guilty of. Enjoy!

Why Has

When You Gotta Be

When You Pretend

When Only Your Friends

When Nosey People

What The Heck

What Boys Did

Uploaded A Youtube Video

Stop Trying

Oh So You’re Using

Schedules All

One Does Not Simply

People In Social Media

No Social Media

One Does Not

Name Something

I’ve Been On Social Media

Instagram Is Down

Yo Dawg

I Don’t Always

Here’s A Topic

Good Good

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