20 Scary-Funny Professor Severus Snape Memes


Snape is the bad guy we all loved to hate. Till we didn’t. If you watched the whole Harry Potter franchise, then you would know by now that Snape was a misunderstood martyr in his own rights. It’s a great little lesson that oftentimes, we can only see the surface of people and that there’s a lot hidden away. In the meantime, to the rest of the world, he is still the scary villain of Hogwarts.

Check out all the funny takes of these otherwise scary Snape moments.

Are You Sirius

snape are you sirius meme

When Your Computer Says It Is Connected To The Internet But Nothing Loads

snape computer meme

The Look You Get From Everyone

snape coughing meme

When You Realize That Defense Against The Dark Arts Is Known As DADA

snape dada meme


snape damn meme

You Know Nothing Of The Dark Arts

snape dark arts and crafts meme


snape friendzones meme

What Do You Mean Girl Hair

snape girl hair meme

The Famous Snape Head Massage

snape head massage meme

Why Can’t Snape Be A Herbology Teacher

snape herbology meme

Why Did Snape Stand In The Middle Of The Road

snape joke meme

Mom Can You Come Help Me With This

snape just pause it meme

I Don’t Always Cry

snape magical memory tears meme

After A Night Out

snape night out meme

One Does Not Simply Grasp

snape one does not simply meme

My Lord

snape snacks meme

Professor Snape

snape snaps meme

I Don’t Open Gates With Magic

snape swagness meme

OMG Albus

snape who did your nails meme

Snapes On A Plane

snapes on a plane meme

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