20 Seriously Hilarious Sloth Memes To Make Your Day Better


Sloths might be slow but they are totally awesome. They eat lots of leaves and they can live up to 20 years in the wild. They can swim and they have this unique ability to turn their heads up to 300 degrees.

In addition to those fascinating things, sloths don’t gain fat. They also have multiple stomachs and they are pretty slow in digesting what they’ve eaten. In fact, they can take up to a month to do that.

If you’re fascinated with the slowest mammals, here’s an awesome sloth meme collection you’ll definitely enjoy.

Tickle Tickle

No Sir

I Have A Surprise For You

Ooh Gurl

If You Ever Feel Stupid

When U Happy Being Alone

Opens Notebook

Bitch I Don’t Care

Welcome To My Crib

I’m Under Your Bed

Can U Not

Damn It Feels Good

Happy Birthday

All I Want To Do Is

Look Ma No Hands

I Enjoy Long Romantic Walks

I’m Using My Science Standards

Why Yes

Started From The Bottom

Oh Hi Dere

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