Sleep Is One Of The Common Forms Of Escape


  • escape…

  • We can all sleep on that one….

  • PMW

    A natural response to many problems for many animals including humans.

  • diana

    very very true

  • kirk

    how can this be? i always sleep, it means that im escaping from all of my problems?

  • joe

    sleeping rocks! it rocks so much, i do it almost every night!
    and guess what: sleeping with your wife/husband/girl- or boyfriend is even better!
    no matter what a shitty internet-sign by some smartass-wannabe-psychoanalyst says…
    sleep well everybody!

  • marcus

    so true… during my ibiza vacation in ’99 i haven´t slept for 8 days in a row doing a combination of speed and blow every 30 minutes. man, those were the best days of my life!
    after i collapsed, the doctors in the hospital told me i needed some good healthy sleep. obviously they were idiots!

  • Nell

    I sleep to escape. Whenever I feel upset or angry I just go to sleep! I wake up feeling brilliant!!

  • jay

    i’m very sceptical about any “authority” suggesting that we shouldn’t be doing things that are so obviously completely natural. sex? sleep? what’s next? blinking? breathing? socialising with friends?

  • Probably it can help us to escape with our problems. but that is temporary. As we wake up again its still a problem. So it is better to face it with all your heart and solve it in a right way so that you can sleep with a peaceful mind and not because of escaping your problems.

  • Jared

    I sleep all the time and i love my waking life.