20 Very Relatable Single Taken Memes


Are you looking for a funny and relatable single taken meme?

Being single or in a relationship has its advantages and disadvantages. And while the disadvantages can be truly irritating at times, they can also be the funniest especially when shared with friends.

Whether you’re friendzoned, seenzoned, or in a complicated relationship, these 20 funny memes show the woes of being single and/or taken, that you can totally relate to.

Being Called Cute All The Time But You’re Still Single

I Been Single So Long I Forgot How To Spell Relatsingleship

If She’s Single You’re Competing Against The World

I’m Single AF And Be Ignoring People Like I’m Taken

I’m Taken But Feel Single

She’s Single Again! And She’s Taken

Single Because I Like People Who I Have No Chance With

Single Married

Single On Facebook But In A Relationship On IG

Single, Taken, Who Cares I’m Awesome

Single VS Taken

So Then I Told Him “He’s Just A Friend”

Stop Asking And Laugh At These Jokes

Studies Show You Already Meet Your Soul Mate Before 21

That Awkward Moment When Your Homeboys Find Out What You Did Last Night

When Everybody Thinks You’re Taken But You’re Just At Home Like…

When I’m Single When I’m Taken

When Someone Asks Me Why I’m Still Single I Be Like

Women Be Like Just Looking For Mr. Right

You Hate Valentines Day?

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