20 Savage Simon Cowell Memes


If you watch US or UK talent shows, then you would have followed the trials and tribulations of the contestants against one savage judge by the name of Simon Cowell. We really doubt anybody on the planet with a TV doesn’t know this unforgettable judge. Especially in the early days of American Idol and UK’s Got Talent, the audience were able to feast on his vicious tirades against non-talent and cringey performances.

The general public lived for moments when Simon was proven wrong. Remember that grandma who turned out to be a dancing machine at 80 years old?

And of course, who can forget Susan Boyle’s first audition?

Whenever you want to be as savage as this multi-millionaire. just pull a Simon Cowell meme out of a bag.

After I Beg People To Take My Picture

In A Restaurant And You Got

It’s Unfortunate You Can Carry A Tune

Looking At Your Ex

Me Being In Love With A Fictional Character

The Look One Gives You

When Everyone Is Serious

When Someone Takes Your Joke

When The Dominoes Delivery Guy Arrives

When The Teaches Asks If You Did

When You Don’t Study

When You Go To School With No Makeup

When You Hear Someone Fart

When You Know You Overdid It

When You See The Girl Who Wanted

When You Think Back To Something

Who Am I To Judge

You Are The Most Gassed

Your Talent Is So Raw

Seeing Pringles On Offer

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