20 Hilarious And Relatable Shower Memes


Showering should be one of the most relaxing parts of the day. Who doesn’t want to feel great under a refreshingly cool or hot stream of water at the perfect intensity, washing the problems of the day down the shower drain? However, surprisingly enough, there’s a bunch more stuff that can go wrong during a shower than you think. From bugs disrupting your bath, scalding or freezing water, and slippery as heck shampoo bottles, things can go south very quick!

If you relate to the above conundrums, you may want to consider checking out some of the shower memes we’ve collected below. Tell your friends if you find any of them a little too relatable!

How British People Shower

shower british memes

Dads When Their Children Shower For Too Long

shower children memes

When I’m In The Middle Of Having A Whole Conversation With Myself In The Shower

shower conversation memes

Got A New Shower Curtain

shower curtain memes

Me When I’m Dancing In The Shower

shower dancing memes

When The Water Is Too Cold

shower is too cold memes

Me Taking A Shower

shower me memes

Me When I Turn The Shower Knob To The Red Hot Zone

shower knob memes

Meme Ideas In The Shower

shower memes ideas

My Puppy Followed Me Into The Shower

shower puppy memes

When The Shower Is Too Hot

shower is too hot memes

Singing In The Shower

shower singing memes

How Swiss People Shower

shower swiss memes

Me After Taking A Shower

shower take off make up memes

When Your Shower Is Too Hot

shower too hot memes

When You’re Waiting For The Shower

shower water to warm up memes

The Weather Cold So I’ll Take A Warm Shower

shower weather cold memes

What I’m Doing In The Shower

shower what im doing memes

When You’re Taking A Shower

shower when memes

Me Winning Fake Arguments In The Shower

shower wining fake arguments memes