16 Brilliant Sherlock Holmes Memes

Sherlock is the TV Series version of the iconic Sherlock Holmes, a fictional private detective best known for his excellent observation and deduction skills. He is also commonly associated with his partner-in-crime, Dr. John Watson, his most trusted friend who happens to be his biographer.¬†The show changes things up a little with the setting being in the modern day. For example, Watson records their adventures on a blog instead. Holmes’ brilliance still shines through all the same.

If you want to see some memes as brilliant as Sherlock himself, do come in and make yourself comfortable!

I’m Sorry

sherlock holmes awesome memes


sherlock holmes baker street boys memes


sherlock holmes bored memes

Nothing Happens To Me

sherlock holmes challenge accepted memes

Tea Watson

sherlock holmes chemical solution memes

I Don’t Always Die

sherlock holmes dont always die memes

When People Don’t Understand Your Sherlock Holmes Memes

sherlock holmes dont understand memes

Hey Girl

sherlock holmes hey girl memes

I’m Not A Psychopath

sherlock holmes high functioning sociopath memes

No I’m Not Insulting You

sherlock holmes insulting you memes


sherlock holmes lonely memes

Sherlock Preschool Edition

sherlock holmes preschool edition memes

When The Season Just Ended

sherlock holmes season ended memes

Talk To The Hand

sherlock holmes talk to the hand memes

No Watson 

sherlock holmes watson memes

When In Doubt

sherlock holmes when in doubt memes

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