20 Side-splitting Shark Memes To Give You Laughs


It’s not even Shark Week which is still several months from now, but we just can’t get enough of these totally misunderstood but awesome predators of the big blue sea.

Let’s check out the Internet’s funniest shark memes and bring on the never-ending laughs!

I’m The King Of The Sea! Ruler of the Ocean! A Girl?

Ahhhh OMG

Don’t Be Shy

We Just Want To Some

Do Sharks Complain?

Please Move Ever So Kindly

Go On A Sea Adventure, It’s Safe

Probably An Upper Cut

I Got 99 Problems

Please Take This. To Be Safe.

‘Was Minding My Own Business, I Tell You

Let Go, Dude

My New Bluetooth

Always A Lego

So Many Tickles!!

Stand Back

Stopped Eating

Uhm, Excuse Me

No, Thank You. I’m Okay.

What If

Remember, be nice to sharks! They’re very few but they’re amazing! Share your favorite shark meme with your family and friends!