18 Timeless Senior College Student Memes


Education has no expiration. Anyone can seek knowledge whenever, the elderly included. Even Gandalf, with all his omniscient wisdom, can take night classes if he feels his diplomatic skills are getting rusty. And if Gandalf can go, so can his friends.

Truly, it is admirable to do things that are not expected of you. We’re so lucky to be living in an era where factors such as age, gender, and race don’t matter as much as it did before.

Still, it doesn’t mean certain images of this happening isn’t entertaining. Just look at these 18 senior college student memes to give you a good laugh.

Assigned As Lab Partner

Bibliography References

Classmate Forgets Pen

Class Requires Calculator

Corrects History Professor

Dog Ate Homework

Hears Facts

I Liked History 101 Better

I’m Looking Forward

Laptop Required For Class

Listen Here

My Emergency Contact

Needs To Study The Great Depression

Oh That Element

Prints Powerpoint Lecture

Professor Dismisses Class

Raises Hand

Tell Personal Story

Keep the laughs going with these grandma finds the internet memes.